Keeping it Simple

Hi World,

It’s been almost a decade since I last blogged here. I’ve been so busy trying to be overly clever about what should go here (and building a family) that nothing has actually happened.

So here’s an incomplete, imperfect reboot.

Here I hope to start conversations about all sorts of ideas I’ve had over the years about how to make our society (and our selves) better. Ideas in economics and education, governance and games, God and His creations. I already know my ideas are imperfect and somewhat silly. I’m used to that. I have a lot of them and I get it that I’m a bit odd. But I also know that I’ve been given these ideas to share–to inspire others to build on them or to come up with their own alternatives. But there are a lot of ideas out there. What makes this site any different?

Hopefully what will make this blog different is a focus not on the ideas themselves, but on using them to think of new ways to improve lives and improve character. Let’s mix science and technology with God’s Word and matters of eternal significance without fear. And let’s do it with the utmost respect for everyone’s dignity. I will enforce some rules about how we treat one another here (such as no smarter-than-them or holier-than-thou comments, but I’m sure more will emerge as the conversation starts).

So… There. A new beginning. Not too big; no intricate structure; not even a first idea on the page. Just some simple boundaries.

But it’s missing something.


Please, when you decide to join in the conversation, post a quick sentence about yourself here. Feel free to link to your own personal pages–but nothing purely commercial if you can help it (you’ll likely find the link removed). That way we’ll know to look back here to learn more about you… at least until I get some sort of user system up and running.

With that, I’ll give my traditional e-mail closing.


–Matt Plumlee